Senior Pictures Melbourne FL } Courtney Satellite High Class of 2011!

Courtney’s post will round up my Senior Portraits Marathon for now, such good times!  I love what an exciting time of life it is for these young (and beautiful) people!  I wouldn’t trade my Flagler College years for anything. Especially those months following graduation I spent in Europe with my friend Noel… I look back and wonder how my parents didn’t have heart failure wondering where I was or how I was doing – since I could only call when I had the chance and we didn’t have cell phones.  Not that cell phones didn’t exist! I swear I’m not some kind of ancient artifact.  They just weren’t a given yet, especially for international calling. Okay so how about that tangent… College is good.  That’s the gist of what I meant to say!

Courtney is finishing her senior year at Satellite High School, the same HS I graduated from!  I think it goes without saying that she is gooooor-jus, but she also has a great attitude. Having moved to FL for her senior year, no one would blame her for being less than thrilled about switching schools at this point but she only had good things to say about Satellite and the new friends she has made here. How cool is that?

Courtney best wishes for your college years!

P.S. When I spell checked this post I noticed I had spelled FLAGLER wrong. That would have been quite embarrassing!

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