Hollie’s Senior Portrait Session

Hollie is a graduate this year of Melbourne Central Catholic and decided to book her session with me after seeing her friend Edith’s images and after a somewhat disappointing “round one” with another studio. She is really an interesting girl. I can tell from our time together that she knows what she wants and she values simplicity. She brought one outfit only and while she doesn’t prefer to smile she does have some pretty awesome authentic looks outside the usual. I told her she has Elvis eyes and I don’t think she knew what that was. I should have said Lisa Marie but I guess that would sound even less recognizable. Now let me preface this with a disclaimer: I am not the photographer who goes for ultra sexy senior grad pics. Because I am also a mom and an artist and a business person. Because I would love to see our female generation get excited about honor, integrity and true beauty. What is pretty? What are girls getting told is pretty? I am always pointing out to Mary (my five year old) what is and isn’t pretty just to combat all the misinformation out there. Climbing down now!!! So, deep breath, I only want to provide honest to goodness beauty to parents and society in general.
Which is why I noticed Hollie’s stunning eyes. I don’t think she knew it or at least she acted surprised when I told her (even after we got past the Elvis reference.) She has the kind of eyes I told her she should not look at boys with. If you know what I mean.

She actually is quite busy riding and competing with her horse which she didn’t tell me about until the end of our session. Note to high school seniors: share this with me before we meet! I am now wishing we had gotten some time at the stables. I’ll live I guess. Anyway, Hollie did an amazing job and I did make her smile big a few times because even though she promised her mom is fine with no smile, I just just couldn’t help but assume all moms want to see that smile, especially those teeth they might have invested a pretty penny in…

I like this one above.

This is a favorite as well as the first one up top.

I love the lines here!

Hollie, congratulations and best wishes!

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