High School Senior Photography | Celeste Class of 15

Seniors are so fun. Celeste is getting close to graduation this year and has exciting dreams and plans for her future.  I photographed her senior portraits in and around downtown Melbourne last week and enjoyed getting to know her while capturing this very special time in her life.


AGP15_Celeste-21 copy AGP15_Celeste-30 copy AGP15_Celeste-54 copy AGP15_Celeste-39 copy AGP15_Celeste-44 copy AGP15_Celeste-56 copy AGP15_Celeste-36 copy AGP15_Celeste-40 copy AGP15_Celeste-16 copy AGP15_Celeste-31 copy AGP15_Celeste-11 copy AGP15_Celeste-2 copy

Anna and Celeste, thank you so much for choosing Angel Gray Photography!