Dana’s Graduation Pictures

I shot Dana’s senior pictures last week in downtown Melbourne. She loves flowers and we couldn’t find a good garden but did find the most awesome dead flowers ever (above) and my favorites from the session. They are so Tim Burton. I heart Edward Scissorhands –for you old school people. So, Dana just graduated from Eau Gallie High School and she is such a nice girl!
Off the subject, I am 7 hours away from my husband getting home after being gone a whole week. The tough part about that is how he will think he is so tired even though we all know that three kids on your own, in the summer, while working, most certainly wins the
i-need-rest-prize. But I’m proud of him and the work he does so I’m going to be generous and give him a few hours tomorrow morning. After that, I’m thinking pedicure… on my way to tomorrow night’s session of course!

Love this one.

We finished off at the beach right at sun down and yes that may look like the sun but since we are living on the East Coast that is actually the moon!

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