High School Senior Portrait – Allie

I shot Allie’s senior portraits last week in her aunt’s backyard on Merritt Island. We had some very tricky weather conditions but since she is going back up north soon for her last year of high school we wanted to make sure to get these done. Thankfully we had some dry weather in the beginning and when it started to rain it was coming down lightly so I stayed under the cover of the boat dock and we got creative with a cute umbrella. I love senior portraits for a few reasons but especially because it is such a turning point in a person’s life. They are about to step into the future they’ve spent the last decade talking about and setting goals for. The future their parents have wondered about and prayed for since those late nights in the nursery rocking them to sleep. For most graduates, college is the next step and I know for me those years hold many of my favorite memories – so its just exciting! I hope these highlights will capture for Allie and her family this crossroad in her life.

My 4 y/o daughter was laying in bed last night waiting for me to tuck her in and said out of no where: “I’m going to be a candy-taster when I grow up.” This is a big step from her former goal of becoming a princess; I think there’s more of a business angle here. Best wishes Allie, whatever your plans may be!

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