Photography for Fun | Amy and the crazy weather session

I titled this shoot “Photography for Fun” because the session was a good reminder that you don’t need a “special” occasion to book a photographer. Or even better, let’s redefine special! Sure there are moments like graduation, marriage, maternity etc. that are important to capture, but aren’t there also special seasons of life that we want to remember? Amy came to me for just this reason but also to have some fun with photography. I think I lost count of how many times we were rained out of previously scheduled sessions. We felt cursed! On this October day, it looked like we would have some wind but no rain so we decided to go for it. Turns out we did spend a bit of time out in nature huddled under umbrellas but hey it worked out and the rain just made everything more interesting…. Plus I think we must have earned at least a couple girl scout badges… although I’m not sure since I quit girl scouts after the first couple meetings when I figured out the uniform was not as attractive as I first thought and the nature ceremonies were just plain weird to 10-year-old-me. (No offense to Girl Scouts -love the cookies, 10-year-old-me just happened to quit lots of stuff after trying it out for like 2 days.)


More fun girl time coming up next with my sweet friend Brooke and her senior pics!