Introducing Kristi Webb!

Kristi Webb became an official part of Angel Gray Photography a few weeks ago but for the past year she has been a contributing designer. You may have heard me mention the designer I work with who puts together all the custom designed albums and greeting cards.  I talked about her design team, Three Little Birds, here.  This past summer she revamped all of my marketing materials and pricing menus, creating beautiful and easy to navigate layouts. I firmly believe that whenever possible, stick to what you do best and let others do for you what they do best! I am a photographer. While I love to design, I am slow at it and I am not the greatest.  Kristi is the best, and I am proud to say that I work with someone locally for all my design and I am the only local photographer with Kristi on my team.  I have been dying to take further advantage of Kristi’s talent but until now had been working with her only by-the-project.  So, you can imagine how happy I am that she is now working with me on a regular basis, taking on more responsibility and getting to know AGP and all of you! Kristi’s job description is quite broad and while it does of course include her graphic design skills she is also an excellent administrator and marketing professional.  You’ll start seeing Kristi’s posts to the facebook page, the blog, she will be returning some calls and emails and who knows what else.  She is taking on some accounting and things like that which you won’t see but you will be thankful that I’m not spending my time doing it when I could be putting your order together or your blog entry up.  Right now she has a fairly big list of projects she’s working on with me but once we’ve knocked those out you’ll even find her in the studio once a week for regular hours that you’ll be able to drop in to pick up orders etc.  Of course I am also in there throughout the week but Kristi’s day will fall on a day that I am working from home or off. (Off? What’s that? I am about to find out…)

To help you get to know Kristi:

  • She graduated from Satellite HS just like me!
  • Graduate UCF with BA in Journalism and Legal Studies
  • 10 years in public relations and marketing for BCC
  • Married for 11 years to Andy and enjoying 3 little ones at home and a step daughter almost in college
  • Lots of hobbies: writing, designing, creating
  • Thinks Angel Gray is the best ever.

Okay, I added the last part… but please get to know her, shoot her an email at, she really is the greatest and I’m so glad to have her!

p.s. I can’t figure out her title. Please help, leave comments below. She’s not just an assistant or just a designer!

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