Vero Photographer } The Miksis Kids

This was my third time shooting with the Miksis family visiting Vero FL all the way from Seattle! I think the first time I met the family it was just baby girl and now there are two toddlers full of energy and fun -wow they grow fast!

We shot the session around their Grandmother’s residence in Vero, such a beautiful area and how cute are these kiddos?! I can remember when my older two were this age and the same distance apart. Even though it wasn’t easy, it was some of the sweetest times too!  You’ll see these kids had already acquired some boo boos while on vacation. Minor things like that are nothing to worry about and are cleaned up in the third phase of editing which happens prior to print. Nothing on the blog has usually been through this phase yet. Enjoy!

Just a little bit of personality here right?

I had planned to put this and a couple other blog entries up last week while I was traveling, but I found that answering a few emails a day was the most “work” I could accomplish without interfering with our little vacation. We had a great time, perfect weather, plenty of snow and the cutest little ski in ski out village in Utah. We were snowboarding – it was my first try at that – and turned out much better than I expected, super fun! I totally hated skiing in the past so I was skeptical but it turns out I’m much better with a snowboard and I never sat down and cried on the slopes so yay for me! (Not that I’ve done that before…)

The triplets are coming up next!!

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