The Verduin Family

I am so excited to get to share these with you.  I photographed the Verduin family a few weeks ago but with the new site going live and a few technical difficulties I am getting everything caught up now!  Baby Parker is next, then my niece Leah!  I photographed the Verduin family a couple years ago, while little Sarah was still in the womb!  These kids are amazingly cute.  I grew up just a few doors down from their mommy Marcy.  Her family now lives in Orlando and found me when they were looking for a family photographer.  After reconnecting with Marcy, I also was able to start shooting for the UCF College of Medicine where she is quite the rock star on staff there!  If you haven’t read my entry on the school yet be sure to scroll down and find it or click here.

The cutest thing is that she just turned two so when I first asked her how old she held up one finger, then mom had to teach her the new way!

These are super hero moves.  Don’t try it at home, only skilled children can do this.

Familiar Marcy?

This is a favorite of mine, I always love these wide angles.

And this one too. Super sweet.

Jonathon is such a good dad.  He is always ready to have some fun with the kids!

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