The Ryals Family

I love the Ryals Family! I have photographed them bunches of times and they are close friends as well as awesome Young Life volunteers in Melbourne. It’s fun to watch their girls grow up in photographs. They make me laugh more in a photography session than anyone ever has. These girls are just hilarious and I have to try hard to keep my camera still while I’m shooting because I’m laughing so much! Justin is a trusted insurance guy for Dan Barnett State Farm and an awesome dad. Leslie is full time mom, super creative and has a background in education. This could explain why even though our “thirds” were born a week apart, hers was dancing the cha-cha while mine was barely crawling! We had a beautiful evening for their Melbourne Beach session.

Yep, I’ve had the same conversation with my husband. It goes like this:
Leslie”Did you think having three kids would be this crazy?”

Seriously. How cute am I?

Counting the piggies.

Sand flea! Look at Lucy’s hand on Evy – I love their expressions!

I think this is a new addition to my all time favorites. I am a sucker for father daughter relationships, I guess because I’ve been blessed with a Dad who has always made sure I know how much he loves and believes in me. I know first hand that Justin is that kind of dad so it makes this even better. She is in a safe place and she knows it.

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