The Nickerson Family

First off, the Nickerson family is gorgeous and awesome.

Quick diversion: I am slammed and admittedly a little behind on blog entries, orders, pretty much everything.  But let me explain: I am trying to make everything about AGP better for my clients.  In the process there is a bit of a bottle neck for the transition… I have arranged to “go out of town” next week and by “out of town” I mean “chained to this computer” so I can “finish all my work.”  Until then I have another week of multitasking so the grand opening (Oct. 2nd, 7pm, in the new studio!) will be a great time and all the new materials (welcome packets for you, etc.) should be done and ordered. phew!

So back to the fun stuff… I met the Nickerson family in Melbourne Beach for their family portraits.  They were so easy to work with, the girls were amazing and just had a great time.  I loved how at the end dad “rolled up his sleeves.”   Tattoos make great images- don’t be afraid to show them off!

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