The Murphy Family and my dream house.

So, I’ve been thinking that maybe the Murphy’s and my family could just all share their home in Melbourne Beach?  I’m sure our kids would be great friends and we can take turns grocery shopping!  I was totally in love as soon as I saw it and then when I found out that they completely designed (and rebuilt) the home themselves I had to make sure I wasn’t drooling all over the beautiful floors.  I’ve always wanted (and will have someday) a yellow house with a wrap around porch and an outdoor shower.  I’m not sure if they have the outdoor shower but they do have the major bonus points of being located right on the beach and having a guest house next door.  It has all kinds of personal touches that are a direct result of Tina’s own sense of style and interior design.  I also would love to design something like that, from the ground up, but it’s not my husband’s thing and since that is something you definitely have to both be into, I tend to live vicariously through my friends and their remodels, etc.  I used to watch remodel shows on TV until I stopped watching TV.  Well, I still love TV but now it is usually limited to whatever is on the tivo and I’m typically watching it after midnight when I’m done working!  Plus we decided to stop giving all our money to the cable company and now I don’t get that channel anymore! It’s okay though, I’m pretty happy with a little Modern Family and maybe a Grey’s.  Plus the late nights are just during the holiday rush!  Sooooo, on to their highlights.  I chose these mostly out of the images Tina picked for her family album we are ordering for her.  It is going to be soooo gorge!

Look at these sweeties, they are close in age just like my Logan and Mary.

Father/Daughter, love it, you know I have thing about these.


hello smokin couple and there’s the house below…. sigh.

And this will be their Canvas.  The color is so pretty!

Coming soon is the Marot and Radcliff families, the DiPinto Maternity highlights and much much more! And, I hope you saw the previous post from the Casa Feliz Wedding!

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