The Marot Family

I shot the Marot family photos on Melbourne Beach. Again I’m impressed with how great Misty looks so it seems to be a common theme this fall that I am noticing these hot moms and thinking “oh crap I forgot to exercise.. again.”  I’m getting it together in 2011.  Right after I consume way too many Christmas cookies.  My fave.  The ones with icing… my secret recipe.

Anyhoo, check out the Marot family last year and see how these kiddies have grown!  Misty is a friend of mine, I even shot her baby shower for her first child but that was so long ago I didn’t even know what a blog was.  Really.  Her kids are full of energy and sweetness and she’s a great mom.  We joke about our parenting skills sometimes (Misty’s recent trip to the ER, my kids lack of bathing) but we all need to hear it once in a while that we’re actually good.  She is super smart about all kinds of education stuff and she leads some kind of homeschooling group too.  I love my monkeys but if I had them stay home every day and I tried to teach them we would all go crazy.

Okay check these highlights and forgive my ramblings…

this one is Misty’s canvas for her house, love it!

a personal favorite here, reminds me of my little girls chub legs when she was that age!

don’t you just love how hard he is trying here?  there is some real effort going into this hug!  i feel like i can hear it!

oh i want to squeeze her!  love those hands!

look at his cool confidence and pure sweetness.

these are my favorites too- mommy and daughter time and those sweet cheeks…

For the sake of mommy-talk, my 2 year old Davis has recently decided he will dress himself without help, he will not even entertain the idea of using the big boy potty but he also prefers shorts with no diaper, and no undies.  By the grace of God there has not been an accident yet.  I think he must wait until I wrestle him into a diaper to, well, you know.

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