The Hurd Family

I photographed the Hurd family a couple weeks ago in Melbourne Beach at Ryckman Park. This shoot was extra special because Carol purchased my donated package at a Parker’s Pals fundraising auction. Follow the link for more info. In a nutshell the organization provides support to families who have a young child with cancer. It was started by a friend of mine (and Carol’s) who lost her son to cancer but realized along the way that there is a gap in the system for children under three and their families to receive help and support. She started the organization and she also has a blog you can visit here that provides “candid reviews” of all kinds of products for moms, babies, children, organics, etc. That candid reviews part is one way of saying that Jamie is a straight shooter so you can trust her to tell it like it is. Go over there and look around, if you have a product you’d like reviewed, let her know!
Back to the Hurd family…. beautiful girls, loved the outfits… more below….

love it. the big sister.

love those pudgy arms, just like my baby Davis… mmmmmwah

should i comment here and ruin the moment?

I can totally feel this. Who else?

Love the pout. Who needs smiles when pouts are so good.

Wardrobe change.

Be still my beating heart.

Each girl had or has a birthday recently so they each had the corresponding number of flowers. cute.

“yes we really are almost done and going for ice cream!”

I think Carol was afraid it didn’t go well. Speak up and tell her it did! 🙂

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