The Hart Family

Andrea and Alex called me for a family photography session while they were in town visiting Andrea’s (amazing) family. I just love her parents and know that her little boy Brady is blessed with incredible grandparents! There is no doubt in my mind either that they are completely head over heels in love with him. We met in Satellite Beach and I was surprised when I saw Brady that he was so big! Only a month or so older than my little guy, I was expecting a similar size child but Brady has this full head of hair and he’s tall and super solid. That’s nothing though, his personality is even bigger. He is on the go and in a hurry! I really enjoyed my time with the Hart family and hope they enjoy these highlights. They had some friends with them and we snapped some photos of their family as well. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

I held my breath but Brady loves it!

We had to barricade him in!

little buddies

He was throwing the sand from the shell onto his head and I guess trying to watch it land?

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