The Grays and the Simpsons – Melbourne FL Photography

So I haven’t put any personal pics up here in a while mainly because I’ve got like 20 blog entries in the queue right now but I’ve got to do it because my girl turns 6 tomorrow and because I don’t think I did anything here for the boys birthdays this year? Too much moving and grand openings going on I guess.  I love these sweet kids even though they drive me totally crazy half the time! Mary is a serious diva but also has an amazing heart, Logan is my little techie-bookworm-smartypants kid who recently decided his mom can’t kiss him at school anymore and Davis is just cuter than a monkey’s monkey.  At least that’s what I tell him.  I also tell him I’ll have his hair cut right after I get myself some therapy. Mary likes to braid it.  Nothing wrong with that.

I tried to set up a “family picture time” with my own family after Christmas while my brother was in town from Ohio with his wife and baby.  You know, the really fun kind of thing where you beg your entire family to please cooperate and clear their schedules and wear these colors okay nevermind wear anything, wear nothing, stop complaining, how about this location okay fine the backyard is good, smile, hold the baby, fix your hair, don’t stress out you know this is for mom, it won’t take that long if you’d cooperate, wipe the baby’s nose, stand still please, stop standing still, laugh and talk and quit fighting, are you kidding me how long are we going to be not speaking?

It didn’t work out.  2 people didn’t even show up.  So, I did what I could.  Also there should be some kind of law against retouching your own face cosmetically.  It must be what happens to those people who are addicted to cosmetic surgery.  But whatever. I’m twenty again and I like it.

That was my parents above and this is Dana’s dad here when they came to our house for Christmas-after-Christmas.

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