The Gray Fam – thanks to Alice Carter!

Well, it has been longer than I’m willing to admit (due to a couple canceled attempts) but I finally had a family photo made!  My good friend Alice Carter and her family came for a visit so we planned a quick photography session right near my home in Satellite Beach. We took turns shooting each others family then photographed our own kids, etc.  It really was pretty fast but it works and I’m happy to have a photo with all 5 members of my family in it! Finally!  So, any of these pictures with me in them Alice took and the rest I shot myself.  You’ll see she updated my headshots and even got a few of Dana and I which I can’t even remember the last time we had some shots together. I know it is sooo bad!  Thanks so much Alice for making it happen and for spending the weekend with us!

In case you didn’t know, Davis had to have a tooth pulled a couple months ago which is why he is all pirate-y… I’ve moved through some stages of grief and now I think it’s cute.

Thank you Photoshop.

My firstborn, Logan. He’s almost 8years old, next weekend. He’s my sweet, handsome, worried, overachieving thinker. And he’s entering the awkward stage when his teeth are too big for his face and he’s not so comfortable in front of the camera.

It happens to all of us.

My baby. My Davis. He is sensitive, wild, snuggly and fun. He’s got a tender heart that can melt you. He says “thank you” all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. Like even after I wipe his bottom on the potty. I think he is the most grateful person I know.

This is my middle and my only girl, Mary.  She brings new meaning to the term free spirit. She refuses to wear sneakers. You name the accessory, she loves it. Often all at one time. She is amazingly caring when she wants to be and fierce when it suits her. She is generous and smart and oh so social.

Oh hey, how did this get in here? It’s my brother! He’s smart, handsome and the kind of guy who actually looks forward to settling down. (hee hee… ladies he’s single, but I’m picky.) He’s also a big help if you need anything banking wise – a manager at TD bank on the corner of Nasa and Babcock!

Woo Hoo I love my family and preserving family memories!!

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