The Diaz Family

I met the Diaz family in Melbourne Beach last week for a family photography session. We had one of those super clear blue sky days which presents it’s beauty along with it’s challenges. It worked out great. Just before I shot the photo above I told these siblings that even though they may be in a tough season of practically hating each other, there will come a time in the future when they will be super close and they will love having these pictures… “So, get close and hug each other like you mean it!” Now for my disclaimer: I might have been displacing my own family experience as a teenager and these kids might actually adore each other right now and they may have even been thinking I am a total nutcase but okay we’ll humor you. We’ll never know, but as you can see they did a great job and there was no
“Mom, tell him to stop looking at me” going on.

Given the choice, I will pick images that make me laugh, sigh or cry any time over the “perfect portrait.” So, I love this one above but don’t worry mom, there are ones that actually show smiling faces as well! Same goes for below, I love how you can just tell what he is thinking!
He’s like “seriously?”

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