The DeGarmo Family

I love love love watching the families I photograph grow, seeing the babies grow, etc. Right now the first newborn I ever photographed is going to enter middle school next year. I can’t wait until I can shoot his senior portraits and hopefully his wedding and family someday!

The DeGarmo family was photographed last year for a newborn session and I am still in love with those images. This year they came back over from Orlando for a family session on the beach. They took advantage of my “Split Session Special” during October and paired up with their friends the Hudson family -coming soon here.
The photographs this year are just so special too. I’ll be honest, I’m not big on props or set design when it comes to my photography. However, it’s not because I don’t like props. Here’s the thing:

1. I don’t like cheesy props (like you might use at one of those department store studios -Roman Columns make my eyes hurt)
2. I don’t like hauling props around for on-location sessions
3. I don’t like using the same props over and over
4. I don’t want to use props in every shot.

So here’s what I do like:

1.  Clients with their own creative ideas and props they bring along (warning: I might tell you if I think it’s cheese and if you bring a roman column I might hit you over the head with it.)
This works well because it is preventing both 2 and 3 from happening above.
2.  Cool stylized set design (you know I love candid moments but it’s not the only thing I love! Wait until you see Noel and Matthew’s trash-the-dress coming up. Noel styled the whole thing and made me want to hire a stylist for other shoots. Just frees me up to think about photography only! Also prevents #2 above.
3.  props that keep babies happy or create a mood for your portraits.

With that said, here are the DeGarmo family portraits and their super cute props.


EXAMPLE ABOVE: Props that create a mood (one of my favorite images this holiday season… ode to Charlie Brown.)

EXAMPLE: prop malfunctions!

Before you look at this next one, I must tell you I had to mop my melted heart up off the floor after I put these together.  If you don’t feel the same then you must have frozen heart syndrome.

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