The Churchill Family and First Birthday | Florida Beach Photographer

The Churchill family contacted me back in February when they were planning their vacation to Florida. The timing was perfect for the son’s first birthday and a session on the beach in April! And what a sweet happy boy he is! And what a sweet family too! It was a great time!

I am always so happy to meet new people, to get to know them and to have a window into their life through my camera. The Churchill’s were so easy to work with. I know it might seem like a given, but warm friendly people are not only easier to work with but they typically receive the best results. Their personality translates into their images. Our relationship (me, them and the camera) matters too! I feel strongly about getting to know my clients as friends. Not just because I like shiny happy relationships but because I know this will spill over into a deeper more meaningful photograph.

How awesome was that leginthecake move? Big thanks to this adorable family for choosing Angel Gray Photography while on vacation in Florida!