Summer Beach Photography | Cocoa Beach Florida

Ah such a beautiful session. One of those times when just every piece falls together perfectly. Love the family, love the colors and patterns, and these kiddos were PURE joy – and I don’t mean just to me but to their parents and to each other! I felt like I was able to capture their genuine feelings and not because of my brilliant skills but much more because the emotions of love and happiness had room to BE. Mom and dad stayed relaxed and the kiddos followed suit. I’m signing up for lessons from these parents!  Actually it’s funny I went to high school with Eric and hadn’t really seen him since then so that was fun and I had never met Georgianna but now I’m convinced we’re somehow related and probably crossed paths several times not knowing it. We love all the same things, worked the same high school jobs, majored and worked the same first careers and I think there’s more. It got kind of weird every time I said “me too!” again like I had just joined her fan club and memorized her bio.

Oh but the back story… All the perfection didn’t start out this way (does it ever?) We were rained out not once, not twice but three times before we pulled off a session! Good times.


AGP14_Isenman-2 copy AGP14_Isenman-6 copy AGP14_Isenman-10 copy AGP14_Isenman-12 copy AGP14_Isenman-16 copy AGP14_Isenman-21 copy AGP14_Isenman-25 copy AGP14_Isenman-27 copy AGP14_Isenman-37 copy AGP14_Isenman-47 copy AGP14_Isenman-48 copy AGP14_Isenman-56 copy AGP14_Isenman-58 copy AGP14_Isenman-60 copy AGP14_Isenman-62 copy AGP14_Isenman-67 copy AGP14_Isenman-70 copy AGP14_Isenman-79 copy

Many thanks to this sweet family for choosing Angel Gray Photography!