Session Sanity | Photography Clothing Tips for Children

Hi everyone! Kristi here and as promised, I’m back offering kids clothing tips that will (hopefully) help with your session sanity!

When choosing outfits for your photo shoot, you already know that color is great, texture is wonderful and layers add depth. But of course we all want our kids to look especially adorable in pictures, right? Well, in addition to the general clothing tips we’ve already offered, we’ve found that just by following this bit of advice, you’ll be one step closer to getting that awesome photograph!

First, THINK PERSONALITY. Quite simply, the photography session should be fun and the end result should be a precious reflection of your child. More often than not, if an outfit reflects who they are they will be more comfortable. They’ll be ready to play and respond and their personality will shine!

Next, KEEP THEM COMFORTABLE. Remember that they are kids. They’ll probably be laying on the floor, climbing in the tree or digging in the sand and they need clothes that will let them move and play. While layers are great, keep in mind they have to be simple for children. A light sweater over a sundress for girls or a t-shirt under a cardigan for boys does the trick without weighing them down.

As obvious as this sounds LISTEN TO THE WEATHERMAN and dress appropriately. We don’t want the little ones to be too hot or too cold. So no heavy sweaters in the summer and no sundresses in the winter, even if you’re at the beach!

If you have little kids, you can BRING CLOTHING PROPS to keep them entertained. When they finally get bored of the camera, pull out her favorite tutu or his favorite super hero cape and get great images of them having fun! (Also, a bathing suit for girls or rolled-up jeans/no shirt for boys is perfect for play pictures at the beach!)

If your daughter is wearing a skirt or a dress, pair it with LEGGINGS OR BLOOMERS because she’ll probably be sitting at some point during the session (or kartwheeling, rolling, jumping or swinging!) If you forget the leggings or bloomers, you may spend an entire session just fixing her skirt!

If your child is old enough to care about their outfit, GIVE THEM A SAY! It might be a good idea (and even help during the shoot) if your child feels like they had a part in choosing their outfit. Even if it’s just the socks, the headband, the belt, etc.

If you’re headed to the beach, it’s always a good idea to BRING AN EXTRA OUTFIT. Either that or wait to take the pictures near the water until the very end. Because as much as you say “Don’t get wet” it’s always pretty tempting! (Sometimes an extra set of clothes is a good idea no matter where you shoot!)

Finally, PLAN AHEAD. If you’re planning outfits for multiple children or family, lay them out and take a picture to see how they photograph together. Make sure they coordinate but don’t match and do all of this with enough time that if something doesn’t work you’re not running to Target last minute to get the only coral colored shirt in the store. (As well as the bottle of wrinkle release because there isn’t time to iron it on the way to the shoot!).

Really it’s all about the kids being comfortable, having fun and seeing that in the pictures.  These are just a few tips that we have found to be most helpful while you’re getting children ready for your photography session. Good luck as you prepare…. and wishing you so much session sanity!!

Here are just a few examples of looks we love!

We adore this classic, nautical look, put together with pieces from The Gap, for older girls.



For the boys, this colorful outfit from Old Navy is both casual and cool.



And, finally, little girls will look adorable in the bold pops of color in this outfit from The Children’s Place.