Satellite Beach FL Photographer | Play time at the Park

I’ve been photographing this family for a year or so now and it was little Jackson’s birthday recently so we got together at the park to capture some two-year old fun! Thankfully it was one of the few nights lately that wasn’t thunderstorming (or T-storming as my kids have decided is the coolest way to say it.) So we were thankful for some clear sky and happy memories!

AGP14_CanteesJuly-12 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-13 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-17 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-34copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-44 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-52 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-53copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-60copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-61 copy AGP14_CanteesJuly-74 copy