Satellite Beach Family Photography | The Rudloffs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wew, I’m back to work today after a wonderful break and posting the highlights from my second to last portrait session of 2013 – the Rudloff family! Actually it was also Andrew’s 12 month baby plan shoot so you’ll see some birthday fun at the bottom too! I loved this session at the beach and love this family, now with two children through the baby plan, they’ll have to add some more or else I might go into withdrawal not seeing them as often!

andycombo copy

AGP13_Andy12-23 copy AGP13_Andy12-28 copy AGP13_Andy12-33 copy AGP13_Andy12-44 copy AGP13_Andy12-47 copy AGP13_Andy12-51 copy AGP13_Andy12-54 copy AGP13_Andy12-59 copy AGP13_Andy12-62 copy AGP13_Andy12-65 copy AGP13_Andy12-72 copy

Thank you thank you thank you to the Rudloffs for giving me this honor watching your family grow and capturing these milestones with your beautiful children!

Sidenotes: I enjoyed the holidays and accomplished my home projects over the break which is AMAZING! But taking time off always means coming back to a bit of a mountain! So, I’m working on orders now that came in right before we closed and this next week or so I’ll be posting the last few sets of highlights from 2013 that haven’t made it to the blog yet: the Webbs, Janelle and Jason’s wedding, Anabelle’s 8 month baby plan and Kylie’s high school senior portraits! I shot a gorgeous wedding just this past Saturday for Cassie and Jim but that one will take a bit longer to hit the blog.

Whether you are buried at work or basking on the beach today, here’s to a wonderful 2014 — I love new beginnings!!