S Family Photography | Merritt Island

I loved working with this very sweet family a couple weeks ago on a GORGEOUS night in Merritt Island. The oak trees were creating such a pretty filter for the sun and these boys were soooo cute and loveable hanging out with mom and dad. Really some very precious memories…


AGP15_Shroer-4 copy AGP15_Shroer-9 copy AGP15_Shroer-21 copy AGP15_Shroer-33 copy AGP15_Shroer-41 copy AGP15_Shroer-45 copy AGP15_Shroer-53 copy AGP15_Shroer-55 copy AGP15_Shroer-56 copy AGP15_Shroer-68 copy AGP15_Shroer-72 copy

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