Radcliff Family and my technical difficulties

I photographed the Radcliff family at their home.  I shot their family photos last year on the beach, then we did newborn when their sweet baby boy was born, so this was the first time since then we were back together.  What a gorgeous family right?  Seriously those cheek bones Traci!

I must say that I just finished celebrating the fact that I was able to log into my blog.  Long story short, I bulldozed my own website yesterday by accident when I thought following a few “simple instructions” for a “minor wordpress update” would be something “most anyone but obviously not me” could handle.  So then I couldn’t even get in to update the blog.  My awesome friend Susan rescued me as usual but I hate that I was soooo dumb to do that!  So there may still be a few glitches but let’s all have a moment of silence in gratitude for the fact I didn’t lose everything forever to the black hole of the internet.  Which surely is laughing at me right now with one of those evil laughs.

Here are some Radcliff highlights, you’ll see how nice it can be to be home for your session and I loved her daughter’s dress!!  Also, note how pretty the pics were near that wooden door.  Awesome natural reflector of light like the bricks I mentioned at the Casa Feliz wedding.  And, it had started to rain a little so we just tucked right into the porch there in front of this door and…  gorge.  Sessions always get better and better toward the end too.  We had the baby’s second session of his baby plan the very next day in the studio so I’m putting that up next!  He needs his own post don’t you think?

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