First off, school started today for Logan, hallelujah. Getting to this point was a little crazy, through those long summer weeks, but we had a great time too. Also, Elizabeth (my assistant) is working her last week before she goes back to college. She’s been working on my business facebook page so watch for that and some cool freebies once its up. Seriously, I told her that college thing is nowhere near as important as what she is doing here for me… but she still wants to go. I think she’s mainly excited about her new apartment. Maybe that will wear off and she’ll come to her senses… If not, she’ll be a great nurse one day so I guess its all good. In the meantime I am figuring out next steps for help… and without further adieu…. here’zzzzzzz Presley!

I photographed Presley last week at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach, FL. She is a doll. Her mom is planning to order custom designed comp cards from me and I’ll try to remember to post that once its finished. We actually had to cancel their first session due to rain and for this one we were in a race against more bad weather! It’s so unusual to have weather complications twice in a row! I think we got a solid 40 minutes in which was plenty of time for great shots of this cutie. I love child photography – life shines through a two-year-olds eyes different than it does for an adult. It’s more clear and their joy is so big and so simple at the same time.


her dance moves were rockin

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