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Nautical Maternity and Family Photography | Merritt Island Florida

I photographed this cute family early in January at their home on Merritt Island. They actually live on their own little island which is pretty amazing. We had some bad weather but decided to go ahead with the shoot since there was a covered porch available and I wouldn’t be back in town for a bit. Then Tara completely surprised me when she said she’d love to still shoot on the sailboat (the original plan) even in the rain. I couldn’t believe it! What pregnant woman does this? Then I remembered that Tara has done quite a bit of modeling and it all came together for me. Of course, she would be up for shooting in the rain, models are tough like that. So we had a beautiful session. I held my umbrella in one arm for the camera and everyone else got completely wet but didn’t mind at all. These kids were amazing. I love the results!

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