family laughing nautical

Nautical Family Photography | Marina

I’ve been capturing this family ever since their youngest child was born and these kids just get more beautiful every year! I couldn’t help myself and have tons of favorites to share from this session. We were so excited to shoot some nautical portraits at the marina. I think we’d discussed doing this in previous years but it’s really not ideal with children under four since there’s very little room to roam without taking an unexpected dip! AND, such a gorgeous color scheme here right? I LOVE the beige/soft pinks and blue. Such a pretty palette and it doesn’t compete with the brighter colors on the boats etc.

So much love and beauty here….

AGP16_Roppa-31 copy AGP16_Roppa-21 AGP16_Roppa-62 AGP16_Roppa-1 copy AGP16_Roppa-34 copy AGP16_Roppa-15 copy AGP16_Roppa-58 AGP16_Roppa-67 copy AGP16_Roppa-25 copy AGP16_Roppa-33 AGP16_Roppa-66 copy AGP16_Roppa-3 copy AGP16_Roppa-51 copy AGP16_Roppa-28 AGP16_Roppa-42 copy AGP16_Roppa-59 copy AGP16_Roppa-14 copy AGP16_Roppa-54 copy AGP_9366