Natural Family Photography | The Long Family!

I’m excited to get back on the blog today and share the Long family! This week has been a blur of sickness around our house which has brought me to Friday with the same to-do list I had on Monday! Okay, I was able to cross a few things off but still so much I wish I could just snap fingers and have done! For now we have the workshop all set up for the weekend which makes me feel really good AND in addition to a few other checks on the list I get to share the Long family’s highlights.

It’s funny even calling them that since I’ve known Wendi for over 20 years (yep) and her and Ron have been together for most of those. Just this week I sent my Dad over to their house at around 10pm to borrow a nebulizer for Davis. They only live around the corner but all my kids were sleeping and Dana was at work. Good to have a dad like that and friends who have nebulizers.  Ha but SERIOUSLY, it’s good to have these guys for friends – such a blessing.  I love this family and I hope you will love their photos too! How awesome are their outfits??!

Never a dull moment…


This slice of time was so fast I didn’t even know it happened until I saw the picture. Ahhhh thank you God for fast shutters!

best. pattycake. ever.

Wen’s got some pretty awesome collar bones – lookin good girlfriend!

Memory Lane anyone?