Merritt Island Florida Family Photography } The Callard Family

We had been talking about this session for over three years.  Yep, after THREE years I finally got this family on the calendar!  We decided to shoot on Merritt Island. It was a beautiful day after a long weekend of rain which made it even more beautiful. I’ve known the Callard family since Beth was my daughter’s preschool teacher. Mary was two years old and a handful. She also threw a fit every time I left her at school but a hug from Miss Beth always made all the difference!

I hope you love this session as much as I did.  I love the interaction between brother and sister, the green green grass, the warmth of the light through the trees and to top it all off it actually rained for a just few minutes while we were under cover on the river.  This created a heavenly glow in the air causing someone who loves light to just soak it all in…

above right is like my super favorite…


Apparently this skirt was getting too small so when Beth came into the studio for her ordering session she brought it for me to give to Mary. I think Mary almost fainted when I showed it to her. My girl has a serious love for fashion. I might have encouraged that – before weighing the pros and cons. No turning back now though, thanks for the skirt Miss Beth!

Wishing you a great week ahead! I have a wedding to put up next so it might be a few days before it is finished!

An update on session bookings, the next available are mid January – don’t forget to plan ahead!

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