Merritt Island Family Portraits | Oak Trees and Cool Kids

First of all, these guys are just fun to hang out with and, how cute are these kids?!  Second, I love the colors they chose! Whatever that golden yellow is called (amber? saffron?) I adore it. Mom’s scarf was a great addition and it’s Fall in Florida so it was perfect with that sleeveless top! Corralling a toddler and a preschooler for photos is not always the easiest thing but these parents kept their cool and I love our results!

P.S. Happy Halloween! Time to put on my “mom who has it all together” costume…. which “pairs perfectly” with this Autumn Apple Buckle.


AGP14_Jacobus-3 copy AGP14_Jacobus-7 copy AGP14_Jacobus-10 copy AGP14_Jacobus-13 copy AGP14_Jacobus-22 copy AGP14_Jacobus-28fix copy
AGP14_Jacobus-40fix copy AGP14_Jacobus-51 copy AGP14_Jacobus-57 copy AGP14_Jacobus-58 copy AGP14_Jacobus-61 copy AGP14_Jacobus-64 copy AGP14_Jacobus-72 copy AGP14_Jacobus-73 copy

Thanks so much Curt and Katie for choosing Angel Gray Photography!