Melbourne Florida Children Photography } Super Cute Ella!

First off, I’m not even going to say what it sounded like to me when I first labeled this post “Child Photographer.”  So as awkward as the new title sounds, that’s just going to be the way it is.

I’m posting a quick Mother’s Day entry highlighting the daughter of one of my very best friends.  Susie is not only my web developer, she is sometimes my business consultant, sometimes my sounding board, always my confidante when work starts to feel overwhelming and often times my voice of reason.  She’s been the one to tell me when I’m juggling too much, “Angel, people who work full time get childcare.” And then she throws a few more balls in the air, telling me that I really need to stop putting off starting a blog or a facebook page or whatever it is now.  I’m still resisting twitter.  She’s been the one to come to my rescue when I am completely confused over technical stuff.  She’s even helped me under the radar, like a guardian angel over the web-related aspects of my business.  I owe so much to her help and I’m so glad she’s been here to walk through it all with me. She really is genius even though she won’t admit. You know people are genius when they actually make attempts to hide the extent of their intelligence from you.  To put the icing on the cake, we have known each other since middle school (including her husband Joe – they were jr.high sweethearts!) When my husband and I moved to Clearwater 8 years ago, we were lucky to share the new-parent season of life with Susie and Joe. We traded  parenting information, baby sign language tips, potty training, pacifier slinging, websites to help you keep your kitchen sink shining and recipe books that were supposed to transform your life.  Good times.  Living in Melbourne now and for the last five years means making a bigger effort for a little QT with Suzipedia. Thankfully, in just a few weeks I’m looking forward to a whole weekend away with her and our other girlfriends – ahhhhhhhhhh yes, hello beach time, spa time, shopping and late nights not spent working!

I hope you enjoy these fun pics of Ella (she’s quite the character and getting her to wear that tutu was a success in it’s own right.)  We decided to focus the whole shoot on her and I can’t tell you how much fun that is. In comparison to squeezing so much into a family session, this gives Ella something special, to call her own.  Joey will have to be next and then we’ve got some really fun and unique ideas for their family shoot later this year!

p.s. Susie really wanted Ella to have both front teeth missing, but the loose one was taking forever to fall out while the other one had started to grow back in so we just had to seize the opportunity (and possibly remove the loose tooth later via our very good friend- clone tool.)

I love this one above.

And these, and that big smile up there bc who doesn’t love a big genuine smile!

And then she’d had enough of me. Took off the skirt and walked away. That Ella has a mind of her own…

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