Melbourne Fl Family Photographer } Doris and her boys

Doris, a fellow member of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, came to my grand opening back in October and she was a winner of a $200 AGP gift card.  She got back in touch with me to schedule after the holidays and the timing could not have been better. The weather for her shoot was perfection.  It seems any time the weather is shifting (for better or for worse!) there lies some special magic.  She has four children I believe but her older daughthers told her to go ahead and make this about her and the boys- the young’ns.  I was in awe of the boys behavior, attitude, respect and love for each other and their mom.  There isn’t much more to say other than there was an extra something special about this shoot.  Doris is running the race of a single mom.  She says she is often blessed to win things.  I have a feeling the blessing follows her beyond just the drawing of her ticket.

We had finished the shoot at this point and I was just talking to Doris while the boys played near the water. No direction whatsoever. Of course I had to pick the camera back up.

Doris is a nurse as well as an event planner. Please leave us your event planning information in the comments Doris!

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