Melbourne FL Child Photographer } Baby Layla is One!

I hadn’t seen this sweet girl in person since her newborn shoot!  Thankfully, I get to see pictures whenever I see her mom – because she cuts my hair at Bangs on US1.  We had talked about the one-year session for a while and I couldn’t wait to see Layla again.  We actually had to reschedule the week before when she fell off the bed just before the shoot and the picture her mom text me looked like a little too much photoshop in Layla’s future!  (or is it texted? is text a verb now? please help.) So, all healed up, we met at FIT and spent some time focused just on Layla. I have to say, it is my favorite thing to do, a session focused on one child at a time. Who wouldn’t love that though? She’s super cute as you can tell and has grown just a little bit since I saw her last… OH, and my favorite part is how she switches between looking like mom and looking like dad depending on her facial expression – so fun!

She got some dirt on her face just before she started blowing kisses – love it!

Can’t wait to see how she grows! I’m sure this year will bring pig tails and walking feet and all kinds of fun for Layla and her family!


Had beautiful weather for Audra and Josh’s wedding yesterday! Which is extra awesome since I feel like every time I turn around lately my shoots are getting rained out!  I’m tired of the weather routine: walk outside–email my favorite weather man–wait for reply–discussion with a client over the weather what-if’s–examine the calendar for possible reschedule dates– ugh.  Enough with the rainy season already!

Sessions are now booked through November 19th. We keep a list of names of people to call if we get cancellations or unexpected openings in the calendar -let us know if you’d like to be added to the list or to schedule a session for November. See the FAQ area on the website for information on the holidays.

Conquer Your Camera for January has 5 of the 9 seats filled last time I checked with Kristi – woo hoo!

I’ve got a super fun engagement session at the marina to share here next!

Working this week toward a fun 3 day getaway to the Nick Hotel with the kids early next week! It may not be the coolest hotel for adults but I’m working on getting a cabana by the pool – hellllo cabana attendent, why yes I’d love a drink with a Dora umbrella…

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