Melbourne Beach Photographer | Ethan is 16 months!

I photographed Ethan and his family on the beach the week before my vacation. I have a few shoots from that week that I was hoping to get up here right away when I returned but holy cow this week has been nuts! Returning from vacation always brings a little heavier work load (especially email – oh. my. gosh.) but this time also big list of things my new web designer needed to finish the updates and at least 10 other items on the family calendar too.  So excited for refreshing the site but seriously I am paralyzed by some of these tasks like updating images and text.  Looking forward to seeing it go live though so plugging away!

Ethan was adorably averse to the sand at the beach as in there was no way he was putting his feet down, not for any amount of ice cream on the planet.  We worked around that just fine but towards the end he completely overcame his lack-of-preference-for-sand and discovered he was all about running on the beach! It was awesome to see such a cool turnaround. I wanted to a include a few extra dad shots here since it’s Fathers Day week and since these two are so cute together!


Yay for Ethan!