Melbourne Beach Family Photography } The Martino Family

I got to know Allison at the preschool where all three of my kids have gone and where Davis is currently in the 2 year old class. That school is like home to me now; I also shoot the individual and class pictures there. (First United Methodist Preschool on 192- classes fill up fast- if you are considering enrollment for next year do it now!)  And while I’m on the subject, let me just say that it is a really awesome preschool.  The education is solid, the kids are having fun, the teachers are incredibly prepared, patient and caring, the school is clean, organized and welcoming and I have experienced a total of 5 different classrooms there and never once have any of my kids had a negative experience. There’s a run-on sentence for you.  Not only do I think the principal is a big reason for the quality of the school, the teachers do too!  They all seem to love their boss so I’m pretty sure that says it all.

Here are some links to other FUMP -family sessions!

I probably missed one or two, but I think a couple of them were pre-blog days and it’s getting late so I better show you some pictures of this adorable Martino family!

these of the boys laughing are favorites… and you know what I love about red hair? It’s like an accessory to any outfit and adds so much personality!

This one above has Christmas card written all over it and yes of course you can take pictures for that in the spring!


Such. CUTE. Brothers.

And, Allison, I hope you caught up on Modern Family from last night because it was awesome.

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