Kuntz Family

The Kuntz family came all the way from Tallahassee last week and we got together for their annual photography session. They happen to be great friends of mine so it’s fun to see each year how their children grow and change. Its a good thing we’re friends because this was a crazy evening! We got started, then the rain came, we waited in the car as it passed then the rain came again, we waited in the car again and then while we got the kids out of the car Shane fell and split his chin open! But we kept going! I guess it was an old injury that just hasn’t had the time to heal properly between spills! We were at Gleason Park in Indian Harbour Beach and everything turned out fine in the end! I hope next year I can make it up to Tallahassee in the Spring to knock out a handful of sessions there in one of their beautiful gardens! Love you guys!

As we were feeding the turtles I noticed Anna was taking a bite of each bit of bread she threw out. Take a bite, give a bite, and on it went…

Shane got first place. The storm came in a close second.

Take 3

Gleason Park at Sunset

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