Keil family all the way from Alaska!

The Keil family contacted me from Alaska when they started planning their summer vacation. They have been traveling all over the place this summer and I met them in Melbourne Beach on their way through Florida. I think these children were two of the most cooperative kids (aside from older ones) I have ever worked with and they had such happy attitudes the whole time! HOPE for those of use with three under 7 who feel like their kids might never make it through a shoot without crying! Oh wait, is that just me?

But the real question here is what do you think about my couch drawing up there? I am NOT an artist of any kind when it comes to that sort of thing so please forgive me but I just love combinations of wrapped canvas for family wall portraits and since each family session produces different results -images that work together in different shapes and combinations- well I just thought it was easier to draw you a picture than search for a template that was exactly what I wanted!

This one up here would also be fun for a foyer or hallway or bedroom.

He was playing with her wedding ring. I don’t know why I like that but I just love the moment.

Sometimes eyes shut are even better than eyes open!

This is the most maintenance these kiddos got and look, he is still smiling!

My favorite family pic.

Best wishes for safe travel back to Alaska Keil family!

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