Jennifer, LeBrandon and Baby #2…

I met Jennifer’s family in Melbourne Beach last week for a maternity session. The little guy here is almost 2 I believe so he will be very close in age to his new brother/sister. Jennifer looked beautiful and her brother in law came along but daddy is currently deployed and on active duty outside the country. She said that her brother in law has been wonderful and has really stepped in to help with his nephew. You can tell that LeBrandon loves his uncle and of course, his mommy. He is so sweet and tiny, lifting him up I got the feeling he might just keep going if I didn’t hold on tight! This is because, with my own children (who are apparently filled with some sort of concrete,) I have become accustomed to the experience of actually preparing to pick them up like those body builder guys who crouch down, take a deep breath and then hoist those giant barbells. Or something like that. So, I’ve got to be careful I don’t launch little guys into outer space.
So, Jennifer brought along a jacket of her husband’s to bring a little of who he is into our photo shoot and into the expectancy this shoot will recall. I’m sure her excitement for the birth of this child is intertwined with her delight in seeing her husband again. She is expecting him to be home for the birth. It was a beautiful evening!

I am in love with this one above.

I don’t know why I love this one, I just do. It’s probably going to be one of those times that I have a random favorite and everyone else is going, huh?

Jennifer totally reminds me here of a pregnant Sandra Oh (who I adore in Greys but who would probably -but you never know, please oh please- never call me for maternity photography.)

I love when kids hug with their feet.

Good times. I hope to update you on the newborn as soon as he/she comes out to meet the world. It’s 3am and time to turn in! I’ve got some crazy insomnia thing going on lately and it didn’t help tonight when my husband and I finished watching the LOST finale at 1:30 and I couldn’t stop my wheels from turning after that!

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