Henry is 18 months old | Beach Photography

I’ve been capturing Henry’s milestones since he was 8 months old. He is such a sweet boy and every time I see him he has the cutest outfits!  We shot this beach session on a breezy Spring evening last week. Henry loved just exploring the beach and toward the end he couldn’t get enough of the water! He didn’t even mind when the waves rushed in and splashed his face – a Florida boy for sure.


AGP15_Henry18-2 copy AGP15_Henry18-7 copy AGP15_Henry18-15 copy AGP15_Henry18-19 copy AGP15_Henry18-24 copy AGP15_Henry18-28 copy AGP15_Henry18-31 copy AGP15_Henry18-34 copy AGP15_Henry18-37 copy AGP15_Henry18-49 copy AGP15_Henry18-52 copy AGP15_Henry18-54 copy AGP15_Henry18-56 copy AGP15_Henry18-63 copy AGP15_Henry18-64 copy