Fort Wilderness Orlando Family Photography } The Bernard Family!

Oh man, I am so happy to get this post up because I know this family has been waiting patiently! I shot this session two weeks ago today and yes the holiday craziness is officially happening for me here as orders come in from sessions and weddings throughout the year and new sessions and events and orders are abundant as well… never fails to put me in a sort of bottle neck until at least Thanksgiving!  Thank goodness for coffee and Kristi Webb (AGP graphic designer slash administrator extraordinaire) and Elizabeth Turner (no not the pirate kind the nanny kind) and my husband and my parents this time of year (and really all year and not in that order or anything like that because I do love coffee but I definitely love people more, most of the time a lot more.)  The good news is that I am loving these sessions and everything I’m working on.  I’m way too perfectionist to rush things so quality remains consistent even when workflow gets bogged down.  A perfect example, as I’m preparing this gallery I just couldn’t narrow down my favorites for the blog.  I think I’m having issues lately with decisiveness.  I do intend to get a handle on this and get the blog highlights down to a more highlightish amount. Yes of course that is a word.

Okay so Tanya is the owner and creative behind Tanya’s Tangles an etsy store providing all kinds of knitted goodness. She provides almost all of the knits I use with newborns and children and I even have a couple of her scarves and can’t wait until I can wear them this winter! You can also find her Facebook page here. I’m not sure how she does it since she has three children (two of them are twins AND toddlers) and she’s on vacation more than she’s home.  Wait until you see their RV.  If they aren’t using that (and they actually use it a TON) they are on a cruise or who knows what. C’mon guys, throw me a bone here – put me in the luggage compartment or something.  Tanya’s husband Jeff owns Space Coast Insurance and provides GameChanger (Dana and I have a video game store in case you didn’t know) with all kinds of wonderful commercial insurance. Our almost-uncle Carlos Robertson is our agent there and he is amazing. He is actually a real uncle to Tanya.  My business, friends, family and clients are becoming quite the tangled web of awesomeness and I love it.

I shot the session for the Bernards at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. They are frequent flyers there like big time. And they have a huge RV that is ridiculous – in a good way. I love Fort Wilderness too, it is definitely one of my FAVORITE family getaways but my husband decided to sell our super cute pop up camper because he decided that not only is he anti-tent but he is also not a set-up-the-pop-up kind of guy.  Erg.  Could have something to do with how he cut off the end of his finger once while breaking it down. Whatever, I miss Fort Wilderness so I’m booking our next trip there and I’m going to figure out lodging later.

RV Glory.

I just love the butterfly catching. Especially since there were actually some butterflies.

He can cast! And he’s in preschool!

I’m really in love with this one above and did you know that all three kids (below) have the same birthday? Cool right?

Here’s a couple of Tanya’s most recent creations…

The moral of the story: The Bernards are cool, Fort Wilderness is awesome and big lollipops are yummy.

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