Florida Family Photography | The Mears!

This will definitely be one of my top five favorites this year, so I hope you like it too!

This shoot started out special months ago when the Mears family purchased an AGP package which we had donated to a live auction for Parker’s Pals.  This organization helps families who have a child battling cancer and was created by a friend of mine who experienced this journey and realized there just wasn’t a lot out there for families with children under 3 years old. Visit the website and read all about this wonderful organization – you can also read Parker’s story here.

The Mears family includes three children, very much the same spread of ages as my own – just a few years back. These guys were so awesome. When mom expressed her concern to me that maybe her kids were not behaving (as every single mom feels on picture day,) I told her that not only were they great but that I might need her to come parent my kids as well!  They just have such huge hearts that shined through the whole time. You’ll see.

And then there’s the location. There aren’t words for this one. I will say that we were in DeLand – sorry Melbourne area! I thought I had stepped into the Lord of the Rings  – except better. It was heavenly – for real.


If you loved this shoot too, show this family some love in the comments below and visit Parker’s Pals!