Florida Family Photographer } The Crovo Family at the Marina!

The Crovo family has a special place in my heart not only because they are dear friends but also because they always remind me of the beginnings of my career as a photographer. I remember taking pictures of Shana and Terry for a photography assignment in college and their newborn at the time, Canon, who is entering middle school this year! It’s hard to believe that his senior portraits are so much closer now than his baby ones (sorry Shana!)  As you’ll see below, these kids have become well trained models -plus it doesn’t hurt that they are gorgeous! Terry has a really great eye for planning and styling outfits and we decided to try something new and meet at a local marina.  I love the marina and have always had a thing for photographing boats with all their straight lines, pops of color and cute names.  I must say though that this would not be the best location for families with toddlers or kids smaller than the ones you see here!  With the narrow walkways over the water, there really isn’t any room for the wobbly steps of a two year old!  Of course the Crovo’s pulled it off well with their youngest being 4 years old.

They made the decision this year to schedule their portrait session in the Spring and use these images for their custom holiday cards and gifts rather than wait until the fall and add anything else to that busy time. I can’t stress enough what a great decision this is. It takes a big item off your holiday plate, you get this beautiful weather without the fall winds and you don’t run the risk of waiting so long that there is just nothing available on the AGP calendar. We have a fairly strict holiday deadline now after years of some way-too-busy holiday order fulfillment and although I try my best to let everyone know, I inevitably get too many who want to book something in November after everything is full and the deadline is either approaching or past.  I’m really hoping this year to mention it enough that all my wonderful current and new clients can get something on the calendar before November 15th so that none of us will feel that stress or rush of the approaching holiday. If your children are younger than 3 years old you might not want to schedule as far in advance as the Spring since they still change so much in 6mths time, but I encourage everyone to start planning for this by August and September and remember to book ahead.

Last but not least the Conquer Your Camera Workshop has a few spots left and Sara and Eric’s wedding is coming up next on the blog!

I had to put these 3 in black and white so you could concentrate on their expressions. Three kids all following cues for “big smiles!” “Small Smiles!” “Okay, show me some smoulder!”

Not to mention eyes almost as amazing in black and white as they are in color!

So Nautical-Chic right?

Shana and Terry were married in July just like Dana and I but I think 4 years earlier which should make this summer big 15!! Congrats you crazy kids!

A little blue steel from the boys.

This above was actually not planned but I love it!

Thanks guys for your friendship, your wonderful creativity and as always a fun session!

AND, just FYI…

When Shana is not busy working full time as an RN and finishing school for her Nurse Practitioner Program, she also owns and operates Beachside Bootcamp in Satellite Beach for the best workout you can ask for! If you are looking to receive tailored workouts from a personal trainer in a group setting which is highly motivating and for a great price, Beachside Bootcamp is where it’s at.

Terry can help you with all your insurance and financial planning needs as well so just let me know and I’ll get you his info or maybe he’ll give us a link/phone number here in the comments!

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