Florida Family Beach Photography } The Sullivans!

I was excited to meet this family after they told me about their three daughters, two in high school and one in college!  What a super fun shoot with all those girls right? Right!  I couldn’t help thinking about my friends the Ryals in such a different stage of life with three girls also – it was like a look into their future!

It seems to me that families get busier as the kids get older rather than the other way around. As a result of this, they tend to put off family photography so I end up working most often with families who have small children. (Dear families putting off photography – Shame on you!)  So I love it, for the sake of change in pace maybe, when I get to work with families who have almost-grown children.  I LOVE kids and babies… BUT it’s fun to have an entire group of people who can follow directions, don’t eat sand and require no bribes of any kind. Just for a change is all I’m saying!  Really the best part though is to see the evolution of a family. The mature relationships between the siblings, the girls and their parents, etc. It’s a beautiful thing, at least it is in the Sullivan family, and I hope my family will grow into that same place one day.  Not that we don’t love each other now, but for the sake of keepin it real there is definitely a good bit of whining, fighting and general mayhem mixed into the love. We have some things to iron out over the next 10 years!

The Sullivan ladies did a great job planning outfits. See the coordination, accessories and textures? love.

This is the high school senior of the group so I shot a few extra portraits of her! I asked her mom today in the studio if she is a swimmer and yep I nailed it! I should have been a swimmer -darn it. Somehow my Newyorker husband out swims me! I get all messed up on the breathing and before you know it I’m ready to pass out after a few laps and I can’t swim straight to save my life. It’s embarrassing really.

The difference in ages of the girls is much like my own three children. Their birthdays are spread over 5 years.

I adore this one of all the girls!

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