Family Riverfront Photography |Merritt Island

I met up with this adorable family during my break because we had previously been rained out/rescheduled several times.  It was the worst luck at the time but when we finally got together it was the most beautiful evening so it just all fell into place perfectly I guess. The boys were adorable and their older sister so patient and willing to help. The little guys clearly adore her! I loved the colors too, shades of teal and grey – pretty AND cozy.


AGP14_Holden-10 copy AGP14_Holden-15 copy AGP14_Holden-33 copy AGP14_Holden-34 copy AGP14_Holden-36 copy AGP14_Holden-37 copy AGP14_Holden-41 copy AGP14_Holden-57 copy AGP14_Holden-63 copy AGP14_Holden-66 copy AGP14_Holden-72 copy AGP14_Holden-74 copy AGP14_Holden-78 copy AGP14_Holden-84 copy

Big thanks to Jessica and Travis for choosing Angel Gray Photography and for never giving up when the weather kept getting the best of us!