Family Photography Skate Park | The Webbs!

So I have a few 2013 sessions I’m still blogging, things I shot right at the end of the year, but the Webb family I photographed way back in November!  I held it off the blog just because holiday things got busy and Kristi works with me and I knew she’d understand. Or she might not really care if I ever posted, but she’s definitely not getting off that easy…

Hopefully if you’re an AGP client you’ve had a chance to get to know Kristi a little bit. She does all of the graphic design, bookkeeping (serious right brain left brain action right?) and lots of other stuff. Those adorable ornaments we sent out this December: ALL KRISTI. She’s been working with me now for three whole years and I’m super grateful for everything she brings to the business and to YOU! Her skills really complement mine well and she even talks me down off a ledge now and then. It’s good stuff.

The Webb family has TONS of personality which makes photographing them really easy. Unfortunately we were missing their oldest for this shoot because she couldn’t make it home from college (booo Delaney, boooo you better be here next time!) We decided this year to shoot at The Park in Melbourne since skateboarding is a big part of their life – both for fun and for Andy’s work! It really was a unique session with all the colors, shapes and lighting in there and I’m super happy with the results! (Also, big thanks to The Park for having us!)



AGP_1499 copy AGP_1451 copy  AGP13_Webb-15 copy   AGP13_Webb-97 copy

AGP13_Webb-55 copy

AGP13_Webb-94 copy

AGP13_Webb-52 copy  AGP13_Webb-81 copy   AGP13_Webb-27 copy


I couldn’t resist pulling out a couple shots from sessions I photographed years ago with these kids. I love seeing the images next to each other!

boyscombo copy

beancombo copy

Kids grow up too fast. Cliche or not it’s true.