Family Photography Satellite Beach | Portraits at Home

I LOVE capturing families at home!  More and more of my clients are choosing this option and I think it’s wonderful. So nice to have a personal backdrop for your family and to remember your home years down the road after a move – or two.  My kids love to see pictures of our house in Clearwater (where we lived when both Logan and Mary were born.) They say they can remember it but I’m not so sure since they were only a few years old when we moved! My favorite thing about pictures of us at that house are the custom window boxes my father in law built for me before he passed away. Not something you take with you when you move, but something to be remembered for sure.

To put some icing on the cake for the Galli family, they included in some of their photos the litter of puppies recently born to their chocolate lab Penny! I can’t remember the last time I saw this many tiny little puppies crawling all over each other, squeaking and yawning and just an ABSURD amount of adorableness all wrapped up in the little fur balls. I left feeling pretty convinced that if everyone in the world held a puppy for a few minutes a day we’d have world peace in no time.

I’ve known Lisa for a REALLY long time and this is the second time I’ve photographed her gorgeous, fun, kind and hilarious family. Her kids are always cracking me up but also showing a sensitive side that melts my heart!


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Thanks Galli Family for choosing Angel Gray Photography and for making my job so great!