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Oh my gosh wow I’m back! Feels like forever since I’ve posted to the blog but I guess it’s only been a couple weeks.  I thought I might post more during my break -from the sessions and weddings that haven’t been shared here yet- but instead (after delivering all the holiday orders) I took a real break from work, did my shopping (in two days woot woot) enjoyed Christmas with the various families, watched movies with the kids, celebrated a couple birthdays and started brainstorming some 2012 goals.  I hate to call them resolutions because really they’re just plain old goals. I love making my list, looking at the one from last year and moving forward (okay and maybe rolling some of them over.) I’m not done yet but soon I’ll have it all set up in my google docs categorized for business and personal (seriously I’m such a nerd.) I’m even dragging Dana into it with me this year. He’s a dreamer more than a planner but I’ve already got a date on the calendar for us to go out for dinner and share our personal and business goals with each other.  He is SUPER excited. SUPER. But really, with 3 kids and two businesses and a lot of tag-you’re-it going on, it’s important to get on the same page every now and then right? For real. Yes goals are intimidating because they create the potential for failure (especially when you set as many as I do) but they also push you forward and eventually, failures and all, they help get you where you want to go.

So… on to getting this little online journal caught up! I’ve got maternity, families, newborns and of course weddings! I’m saving the maternity sessions to post along side the newborns so lets get right on to the Serrano Family! I’ve been in touch with this family for a long time, since before the little guy was born even! I appreciate so much all of you who follow my blog and the Facebook page. Once in a while I’m reminded that people are actually reading this thing and that we’re kind of in it together week by week, even year by year  -good times!

We shot this session at the beach and chased little guy around like I should have just worn workout clothes or something. But he is cute. And sweet. So he’s worth it!

I loved his little rock star outfit and how the whole family just adores the baby! Big thanks to this terrific family!

Side notes: Only one spot left in the February Conquer Your Camera Workshop! January workshop participants will receive the preparation details in just a few days! Also, With such a busy holiday season we had a lot of people who couldn’t get sessions on the calendar by Christmas but decided to go ahead with scheduling in January and February so we are currently booking in March with a waiting list for people who might like to snatch up any cancellations prior to that time.

Lastly, thanks again for coming along with Angel Gray Photography and making each year better than the last. I look forward to 2012 and wish you all the best as well!  Set your goals and don’t worry about the ones you might not achieve just yet.  For a long time I was too afraid of failure to set a lot of goals.  I’ve realized though in the past few years that it’s the big picture not all the little check marks that counts the most.

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