Family Photography Melbourne FL Ryckman Park – The Galli Family

It was so fun to run into Lisa again when our boys played little league together this past fall.  She is the little sister of one of my long time friends from high school.  That keeps happening lately!  And I  keep picturing the little sisters as little but then they aren’t and in fact Lisa’s been married longer than me and her kids are older than mine!  I loved it when my mom saw her daughter at the game and said “You know who she looks like?  She looks just like Erin Kress.”  I had to inform her that there was actually a reason for that!  Our family session started out with some very iffy weather which cancelled our beach plans and a very crowded park (I think there were two other families having photographs and a wedding too!)  BUT, it turned out perfect and I can’t say enough how often that happens that weather just clears up or holds out or provides awesome clouds, etc.


My favorite… don’t we all want to see our kids like this?  Just block out all the bickering and only remember this part?

That’s right, the dog is smiling at me.  yes I had treats but I’m sure it was really my personality that did it.

After this shoot I came home and complained to my husband that we aren’t good looking enough.

oh how I love this one too

and this one

So these uploaded in the wrong order, he is actually a good dad who was doing this (above) after this (below) not the other way around…

I rest my case.

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